Sacrificing Stuffed Animals – Mom Monday

Stuffed animals are a popular gift for children.  They are a great toy!  I’d much prefer a stuffed animal or “stuffie” than a toy that lights up, makes noise, or only has a single function.  Stuffies are multi-purpose toys.  My kids can play with them for hours:  giving them voices, lining them up, running around the house (and yard) on their adventures, snuggling into bed.

But there comes a time when the house begins to be taken over by stuffies…

We have reached that point in our home and today’s the day we Sacrifice The Stuffies.

My kids all have their favorites.  I told them to pick their 10 favorites and put them on their bed.  Two kids ran to do it, but the oldest started to cry.  Her love language is gifts, so parting with anything but especially a gift, is difficult for her.  I asked her what was wrong and she said, “The only reason the other kids aren’t crying is because they can’t count to 10!!”  She was so heartbroken that I didn’t dare laugh.  She’s probably right!

So, each child chooses their favorite 10 stuffies and the rest are donated.  With three kids, that means we still have 30 stuffed animals in our house, which, believe me, is great plenty.

As much as I would like to do this job for them, it gives them a lot of ownership and comfort in the decision when they get to choose what stuffies get to stay.

Stay tuned for next week…we’re tackling children’s books.  Ouch!

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