Book 30: Fields of Farmers by Joel Salatin

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We have reached the final book in our 30 Book of Agriculture Series!  (You can see all the books HERE)  Our final book is the most recent one from our favorite farmers.  How do we get young people into farming?  We hear all the time that the average of farmers in the US is approaching 60 years of age.  And ranchers are even higher.  How do we get young people into farming?  Let’s ask someone who has gotten hundreds, if not thousands, of young people into farming:  Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms.

Cover--Fields of FarmersOne of the topics I am most passionate about, particularly as it affect ND farmers, is the issue of generational transfer in agriculture.  How are we passing down our farms?  Our agricultural heritage?  Our farming knowledge?  In Fields of Farmers, Mr. Salatin takes a no-nonsense approach to these issues.  I grew up on a farm where my dad didn’t own the land we lived on or the home we lived in until my grandfather died.  He built a shop and a quonset and a pole barn, investing in infrastructure, and he didn’t even own the land.  How are we supposed to woo the next generation of farmers when we don’t even have the authority to let them in?

If you have children, this is a book you need to read.  Not just farmers, but EVERY parent.  If you want to be important in your kids’ future, you need to know how to help them get started….in whatever they want to do.  Mentor them, start them out, give them tools to make sure they can succeed.  You can find Fields of Farmers HERE or you can win it from us!

THAT’S RIGHT!!  We are giving away a copy of Fields of Farmers.  All you have to do is comment on this blog post, telling me which of the 30 Books of Agriculture was your favorite and you are entered to win.  We will leave it open for one week, I’ll close it on my brithday, December 7th.

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