Book 27: All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot

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Until I was in third grade, I was going to be an astronaut.  And then I saw the Challenger explode on TV and that was the end of my space flight dreams.  From then on I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals and I loved James Herriot.  There is no other author that could get all of us laughing, from my brother and sister to my dad, like Dr. Herriot.  His adventures and characters are classics.  The beauty of this book (and all of his) is that they are actually a collection of short stories.  You can read one and move on with your day.  A perfect way to unwind from your day or start a new one!

james herriotYou will laugh over the overly-fat, spoiled-rotten lap dog.  You will cry over the loss of a child’s first pet.  You will cheer at the miraculous healing of a beautiful dog.  And you will groan at all the things that happen to our beloved Dr. Herriot in all the barns across the district.  This is a wonderful read-aloud for families, you can purchase your copy Amazon.

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