30 Days of Agriculture – The Agriculture Book List

I’m a reader.  I’m the daughter of a reader.  My addiction to books is genetic.  In our personal library, we have thousands of volumes of carefully selected books.  I am constantly working to increase the quality of our library, we value quality, not just quantity.  I work had to eliminate the “twaddle”.  What is twaddle?  It is “trivial or foolish speech or writing; nonsense”.  Many of today’s “modern” literature is twaddle.  I cast a critical eye toward books.  If they don’t meet our standards for quality, they are set aside to giveaway to the used book sale.  This applies to both fiction and non-fiction.

For the month of November, I will share my favorite books about agriculture.  My farming bookshelf is by no means complete, I’m always looking to add quality volumes, but I will share my favorites….so far.  These books will range from children’s books to production and management strategies to philosophy.  Farmers and non-farmers alike, you’ll find these books to inspire and encourage you in your food journey.

The Agriculture Book List is a part of 30 Days of Agriculture, coordinated by Holly Spangler.  Follow me (and oh-so-many others) as we blog each and every day in November on a wide range of agriculture topics.  The fun starts on Saturday, November 1st.  And, did I mention there will be giveaways??  I didn’t??!!  Well, it’s your lucky day…or should I say days.  I’ll be giving away some of the books I profile throughout the month. If you comment on a post, you are entered to win.  The more posts you comment on, the better your chances of winning!

See you Saturday!!