Farming Families – Traditions

I am an orphan at age 36.  I have lost both of my parents in the past two years.  And today is a day I miss them terribly.  My mom was an amazing cook and this week of preparing Thanksgiving dinner items has brought her so close to me.  I use her pots and pans, her recipes, her teaching.  Her spirit lives on, not only in this house, but in the food prepared.

Our family had holiday traditions.  As a family of five, it was sometimes hard to find games for five people.  One we all loved is called “Aggravation”, a game of marbles and dice.  We wore out the cardboard game board, so my brother used it as a template and made wooden boards for us.  We still play it when we get together.  Another tradition is a jigsaw puzzle.  We always had a card table in the living room with a puzzle on it.  Dad and I were the main puzzle workers, but everybody would sit down and put a few pieces together.

I have a 500 piece puzzle on our coffee table, which is far smaller than in years gone by.  But I have three small children and 500 pieces is how many I can get together before the 2.5 year old takes too many pieces.  And we will play at least one game of Aggravation.  We will eat my mom’s pumpkin pie, her stuffing.  And we will remember and honor the traditions our parents have given our family.

Day 28 Homework:  What traditions have you carried into your family?  What traditions do you want to begin?

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