Farming Families – How To Meet That Special Someone

Even though Hubby and I have a meeting story that is the stuff of legend (CLICK HERE to read), I’m not necessarily talking about marriage.  Perhaps your special someone is a business partner, employee, intern or customers.  Living in the  middle of nowhere is great, until you need to find someone.

Know what you’re looking for.  What skills, qualities, or characteristics are important in this position?  And I mean the really important ones.  Don’t get so caught in up details that no one could possibly fill that role.  If you read our meeting story, you know we were both older (28 and 30) when we met.  And although I had qualities and characteristics that were non-negotiable:  being a God-fearing Christ-follower, for one.  Other things, like being a sports fan, weren’t as important.  Know which qualities are your non-negotiables.

Be open to surprises.  The perfect person for your farm may not appear perfect at first blush.  But don’t be afraid to dig deeper, have conversations, be willing to do a trial run.  A trial period is important for both parties, like dating in romantic relationships.  Give employees a chance to see if they will be comfortable in your working environment.  And while no two days are exactly the same on a farm, spending some time actually doing the job will do more for both of your comfort levels than a conversation or a job description.  Some farmers I know have a two week, no-fault job trial.  After two weeks, either the farmer or the employee can walk away with no hard feelings.

Talk to people.  Let them know who and what you’re looking for.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those you know.

Meet people, but be careful where you meet them.  Refer to your list of qualities and go where people with those skills hang out.  For example, Hubby and I met online on a Christian dating site.  I did not sign up on (if there is such a thing) to look for my future spouse.  If you are a local farmer, direct marketing your product, go to Local Food conferences, farmers markets, or co-op stores to meet people who are similarly aligned with your mission.  There are those “diamonds in the rough”, but it takes a lot more time to find a diamond in the rough than in a jewelry store.

Day 3 Homework: Is there a position you are looking to fill?  What is it?  What qualities are you looking for?  Even if this position is for a friend, neighbor or customer.  We’re all looking for something!

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