A Whole Month of Family Agriculture

I’ve been wanting to blog more consistently this fall, but somehow farm work took a front seat.  And by the time I get inside, get supper on the table, kids (somewhat) cleaned up and in bed…well, I’m ready for bed myself.

Along comes a blog challenge called 30 Days, where we blog every one of the thirty days in November about an agricultural topic.  I posted this challenge and asked for suggestions on facebook, both my personal page and the farm’s page.  My initial thought was perhaps a series on putting the culture back in agriculture.  You know, something kind of high brow, philosophical and musing.  But that isn’t what people asked for.  With one exception, people wanted to know about family issues.  Everything from children to marriage to working with parents to generational farm transfer.

So, for the month of November, I will be blogging everyday about family issues on the family farm.  Join me for a rousing discussion, lots of laughs and a few tears…and you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  See you on Friday!


I’m part of a blogging group, all blogging about agriculture for the next 30 days.

You can find the master list of all of us, courtesy Holly Spangler.

And here is a list of all of my blog posts:

Day 1 – What is a Family? 

Day 2 – The Importance of Family in Agriculture

Day 3 – How to Meet That Special Someone

Day 4 – The Dating Game

Day 5 – The Most Important Farming Partner

Day 6 – I Did Not Marry My Soulmate

Day 7 – There is No “I” in Team

Day 8 – Agree to Disagree

Day 9 – A Real Farmwife

Day 10 – Maternity Wards Aren’t Just for Cows

Day 11 – Terrific Toddlers

Day 12 – Doing School

Day 13 – Should Allowance be Allowed?

Day 14 – Home or Hotel?

Day 15 – All Work

Day 16 – And all Play is Not the Same

Day 17 – Communication

Day 18 – Generational Transfer

Day 19 – Long Term Care

Day 20 – Something Borrowed, Something New

Day 21 – Vacations

Day 22 – Your Home As Haven

Day 23 – Family Meals

Day 24 – Hobby Farms

Day 25 – Empowerment

Day 26 – Cell Phones

Day 27 – Rules and Relationships

Day 28 – Traditions

Day 29 – Gift Giving and Santa