Meals Made For You


We all want to provide our families with healthy and delicious meals, but we often run out of time and are struck by the 5 o’clock panic.  Our Made For You Meals delivers meals made with quality, whole food ingredients and ready to use. 

Meals are delivered every Tuesday.  You purchase a month of meals at a time.

Pizza Night! - Homemade pizza with the amazing crusts from our friends at “The Bread Box” in Minot, topped with a homemade crushed tomato pizza sauce or garlic butter herb sauce, farm fresh meats, and the finest cheeses.  Available in 9 inch or 14 inch sizes.

You can choose to add fresh baked bread like Vermont Cheddar, Whole Wheat, Rye, French Baguettes, etc.

       9 inch pizza with 1 loaf of bread = $55 per month

       9 inch pizza = $40 per month

       14 inch pizza with 2 loaves of bread = $75 per month

       14 inch pizza = $60 per month

Great Grilln’- fire up your grill and cook farm fresh meats (complete with seasonings), served alongside a ready to eat salad, and fresh baked bread.


        Couple share (feeds 2 adults) = $110 per month

        Family share (feeds a family of 4) = $200 per month

Wonderful meals like:

  1. Ham Steaks with chokecherry glaze, Sunflower Broccoli Salad, Vermont Cheddar bread

  2. Lamb Chops, Old-Fashioned Potato Salad, Boule bread

  3. World’s Best Hamburgers, Creamy Macaroni salad, Homemade buns

  4. Kabobs, Mississippi Cornbread Salad, Rye bread

One complete meal is delivered to Bismarck each Tuesday.

Couple Share - 2 people                       Family Share - 4 people

        1 month = $110                                1 month = $200

I’d Like Some Pie

Add on a homemade pie each week for $50 per month.

Choose one, two or all three options and enjoy wonderful meals every week starting the first Tuesday of each month! 

Delivery will be on Tuesdays at 5pm at the Jaycee Park on Century Avenue.

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Meals Made For You


Pizza Night!

  Homemade pizza with or without fresh baked bread

Great Grillin’:

Farm-fresh meats for the grill, a fresh-made ready to eat salad, and fresh-baked bread.

A homemade 9 inch pie

Our Customers

“We love the warm cookies after every meal!”

November 2016

“My family loves my homemade meals.  Thanks for makeing me look good!

January 2017

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