German Food


Annie’s family heritage is German from Russia.  Her great grandparents emigrated from Odessa and the Black Sea region and brought with them the foods of their families.  Annie learned to make German Food as a child, from her grandmother Lydia, her great-aunt Emma, and her mother, Sharon. 

We use only the best ingredients:  Hard Red Spring Wheat flour from North Dakota wheat fields, full fat creams and cheeses, and meats fresh from our farm.  All of our food is made in our on-farm commercial kitchen, inspected and licensed by the First District Health Unit.

Our food can be shipped anywhere in the US or picked up at the farm.  You can order via our Etsy shop, our food is made fresh and shipped immediately.  Or for on-farm orders, please send us an email:

German Food...just like Grandma’s!


Kase Knephla (Cheese Buttons) - pasta dough stuffed with dry curd cottage cheese; boiled, fried, then baked in cream

Fleishkuchle - Hamburger/sauerkraut mixture surrounded by dough

Kuchen - Sweet dough with fruit and custard

Knephla - Egg dough ready to boil, with smoked sausage or plain

Our Customers

“Your kuchen is just like my grandma’s!”

July 2016

“That is how sauerkraut should taste!”

May 2016

Shipped Anywhere in the US

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