Freezer Meals


Are you tired of fast food drive-throughs?  Want to eat more meals at home but don’t have time or energy to cook from scratch?  Our freezer meals can help you get whole food meals on the table in minutes.

Breakfast or dinner, our freezer meals are stored in your freezer and used when you need them.  Meals are made using your stovetop, oven, or crockpot and come with complete preparation instructions and serving suggestions.

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Freezer Meals


Breakfast:  Breakfast muffins, breakfast burritos, french toast bake, sausage and egg bake

Soups:  Mexican chili, Taco Soup, Chicken Noodle, and more!

Meals:  Peanut Butter Satay, Pepperocini Shredded Beef, Red Pepper Chicken, Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops, Mongolian Beef, and so much more!

Our Customers

“Your meals make family dinners possible in our busy house!”

April 2016

“I love knowing that my family is getting whole foods and not processed ingredients.”

September 2016

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