Bulk Orders


Ordering your meat in bulk saves you money, while enjoying beyond organic, pastured, and delicious meats.   Bulk orders allow you to sample many different cuts and experiment with new recipes.  

You may begin ordering on March 1st.  Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Items sell out quickly and the order form is updated as products sell out.

Click below for the 2017 order form:

2017 Bulk Order Form

Price List:

Grass-fed Lamb - ready November - December

  1. Whole Lamb - approx. 35 pounds of meat - $300

  2. Half Lamb - approx. 17 pounds of meat - $175

  3. Lamb Sampler - approx. 8 pounds of meat - $100

        (3lb ground, 3lb stew/kabob meat, 2lb chops)

Pastured Chicken - ready July - October

  1. Whole Chicken - $12 per chicken

Stewing Hens/Roosters - ready September - October

  1. Whole Chicken - $6 per chicken

Pastured Turkey - ready September - October

  1. Whole Turkey - $3.5 per pound, 12-18lb avg

Pastured Pork - We aren’t raising pigs this year, but highly recommend these fine pastured pork producers:

  1. Jennie Anderson, Minot - www.bluestoneranch.com

  2. Desa Sand, Ashley - 701-535-1323 OR desa_lynn  @  icloud.com


Fill Your Freezer with Bulk Orders


Pastured Chicken: whole chickens

Grass-fed Lamb:  Whole lamb, half lamb, lamb sampler

Pastured Turkey:  Whole turkeys to grace your holiday tables

Our Customers

“Our family loves lamb shanks and yours are the best we’ve ever had!”

July 2016

“Your chicken is amazing!  And we love knowing exactly where our food comes from.”

September 2016